Solving once and for all.

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One Place

Stop hunting through folders, emails and file sharing services for company docs.

A little about publishing

Publish = Notify

Don't chase people whenever there's a new doc or an update to an old one. onbok let's the people who need to know, know.

A little about security

Secure & Safe

These docs represent the workings of your business. Their security is our highest priority.

A little about a lot more

Easily Manage Chapters

Think of chapters as all the sections you want your docs to belong to. Whether it's "Employment Policies" or "Budget Management Guides" chapters are drag-and-drop easy to create, change and move around.

User Permissions

Every user can be given read or write permissions to chapters. "Read" allows them to read docs in the chapter. "Write" means they can edit existing and add new docs to the chapter.

Embed Media

Pictures tell a 1,000 words and a YouTube Video is far better than plowing through an essay. The editing experience makes it easy to embed picture, videos and sound files whenever you need.

Read Receipts

When you need people to acknowledge they've read a doc, you can turn on the "read" button for that doc. So much nicer than sticking "sign-here" stickers all over a print-out.

Compile & Print

For those rare moments when you need to actually print, you can select the docs you want and onbok will compile them all beautifully with a cover and table of contents and give you a downloadable PDF.

Clutter Free Editing

Pulling this sort of documentation together is hard enough without worrying about formatting. So don't worry about it. The decisions that have to be made, onbok has made. The rest you can forget!